This is a list of television programs that are either currently being broadcast or have previously been broadcast on Eye TV.

Current Programming



Upcoming Programming


Former Programming

5 Seconds-5 Minute Shows

30 Minutes-8 Hour Shows

  • Audubon Park Elementary School (November 2, 2006-December 21, 2011, the award was when you crashed the fifth car)
  • Audubon Park News (October 2008-December 10, 2010, it was only a news station for Audubon Park.)
  • Store Adventures (October 2012-January 2014, the bonus store adventure:the blue's clues rhumba is the last episode.)
  • The Caidin Show (January 31, 2003-April 1, 2016, it was considered as a video game. the delevompment expires on October 12, 2016.)

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It was announced that on October 12, 2016, that Eye TV would be renamed Nick Eye during their Wubbzy and paramount purchase and their film distribution.

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