the first cotton candy logo was done on the caidin show: season 2. it is the only episode not avalible on the caidin show episode list because caidin didnt remember the episode back when the list was made. it aired on may 17, 2004.


  • this is the last epiosde to feature the feature the early version of the 2nd house
  • this is the first caidin show episode to feature the later version of the second house.
  • this episode does have the 1995-2004 version of the claw machine logo
  • this episode was based on pokemon moves in happy tree friends .
  • this is the first episode to use a new cotton candy logo. the second was in january 2011, the third was in march 2014 and the fourth (the pernamently used version) was done when the spongebob out of water movie was released.
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